Saturday, 2 September 2017

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn road bridge
Brooklyn is a little town just north of where we live. I love the shape of the road bridge, the rust and the rivets.

We went for a lovely lunch at the marina cafe, wandered around a little in the sunshine. Annnnnd I came back with a rocking migraine aura. It's like being stoned without having to waste money on drugs.

So the photos I took are provided raw, straight off my phone - I need to get my head around some editing software or something to make those funky collages.

But today is not the day for that.

Image Description - to the left is a photo of Brooklyn road bridge, taken from the car on the way through. All grey girders webbed together with rivets and rust spots and a bright, bright blue sky. Also shown, a very blurry bit of windscreen wiper!

A view from the path around the headland. Yachts with long masts on the left, a row of tiny boats leaning up against the cliff opposite, with a lot of trees covering the rest of the hill. On the right side of the hill is a HUGE lump of sandstone with bits eroded.

A fat black bird with a leathery neck and fan shaped tail - an Australian brushturkey. They make a lot of mess in people's yards and apparently can be eaten, but I don't think you'd want to! Not closely related to the American turkey, according to wikipedia!

If you look carefully in the middle of the photo, there's a heron. Grey, gangly and hopefully watching the family having a fishing party just a bit further along the beach.

This is a terrible photo of a galah. Kind of a cross between a pigeon and a parrot - grey with a pink breast. It's grazing on the grass in the car park, and completely ignored us as we walked past. The traditional joke is that if you put a galah and a stone in a cooking pot, the galah is ready to eat when the stone is soft!

A random weed with leaves like dandelions in the car park grass. The flowers have a delicate lemon yellow petal with a dark purple centre. Apparently galahs do not find them tasty.

The view from where we ate lunch. Occasionally a little boat would go scudding past and gulls would drift along scouting for leftovers. There is hardly any breeze and the water is very calm. I have no idea where the stairs go. The table was on a boardwalk and kept wobbling when people walked past.

There are another half dozen places to eat in the tiny town. Well, the house side of things is fairly small. Seems half the population lives on boats! I want to go back and try all of them. Maybe not the fish shack! But definitely the one with whole menu page devoted to interesting teas.

This may become one of my favourite places to pop out to. Where's your favourite lunch spot?

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